Small Batch Ice Cream with
Big Batch Vibes.

Duff’s is an Australian ice cream Central Coast company tossing extra textual (chunky, chewy, gooey) ice cream from our vintage ice cream van. The creams are handmade with a super premium ice cream base, jumbled with a chunk ‘n’ chew and swirled with something gooey.


Weekly Release

Hand Made

Made to order from fresh, local ingredients.

Soul food

Gooey Goodness


Vanilla Ice Cream with Peach Jam Crumble and Caramel Swirl

Time Left To Pre-Order

Stay tuned for our next release!

How It Works

ice cream van red background
We Develop Goodness

We’ll be working on the hard stuff behind the scenes; you know eating ice cream (I mean, developing flavours).

envelope with love heart
We Send Emails

When we’re ready to release our drool-tastic flavour at the start of the week, we’ll send out an email to our email group to notify you that pre-orders are open! Join our mailing list.

laptop with shopping bag
You Select & Checkout

The email will link you to our web-store where you will select your  tub of ice cream and checkout. This has all the info about the pop up shop where you can collect your ice cream from at the end of the week.

ice cream cone with smiley face
You Collect Your Creams

You’ll pick up your ice creams at our Pop Up (details are in the email and in the item description)

Previous Releases

Flavours are released on a weekly rotational basis, at this stage it’s one to two flavours per week. They are opened for a pre-order period and then created to this pre-order. After the 24 hr pre-order no further orders are taken for the flavour. The flavour isn’t repeated but remembered fondly. This type of sales is to engage an urgency and hype mentality around the weekly releases.


Why They Love Us

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“I love duff's ice cream! The flavour profiles are so creative and delicious and the ice cream itself is soooo creamy! A must try! I seriously recommend getting in contact with her to see what flavours she is making atm”
ice cream cone with face
“I was absolutely blown away by the quality of Duff’s ice cream. From the innovative flavour combinations to the creamy texture, every bite was an absolute DELIGHT. Made locally and with love, what more could you ask for? I will be purchasing again.”
Rach Cook